I don’t think you can become a better person without becoming a better coach. Here is a running list of books I frequently recommend or gift to people.


Great, thorough introduction to functional anatomy. It’s a textbook, but it’s my most-recommended book on this list.

Personal development

Why “follow your passion” is bad advice. Instead, search to get better at things.
A compilation of advice from many influential people. It would be difficult to fail to find something valuable in this one.
A short book on entrepreneurship. One of the best humans out there.
A very easy read. Inspiration for business people.


This is a dry read. Essential for someone who wants to instill behavior change. One of the foundational pieces of my system.
An easy read. Introduction to our internal biases. Did you know that $0.50 aspirin works better than $0.01 aspirin?


One of my favorite books ever. Funny. Good science. Well-respected author.


Beautifully designed intro to neuroscience.
Beautifully written, and a little more comprehensive than Medical Neurobiology.
Optimal experience. This one is pretty dry, but made me feel all sorts of feels.


You want to know biochem? You better get a textbook and start trekking through.


A short introduction to pain. Meant to be given to physical therapy patients, but trainers can gain perspective by reading it.